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Strange behavior on an XtraTabWorkspace

Nov 6, 2007 at 8:19 PM
I'm experiencing some odd behavior regarding a DockPanel inside an XtraTabWorkspace. The problem is in a rather large project that is about 75% complete so unfortunately there may be many factors contributing to the behavior and so before I tear it all apart I thought I would post here to garner ideas.

I have a XtraUserControl (View) containg a DockManager and a BarManager. The DockManager contains a single DockPanel and the BarManager contains the default MainMenu, ToolBar and StatusBar. The DockManager, BarManager and DockPanel are all created during design. The View is shown at runtime on an XtraTabWorkspace using an XtraTabSmartPartInfo.

Each time the view is shown, the DockPanel has no height to it....all that shows is the Title, Close and UnPin buttons. I can size it by dragging and everything is fine. This only occurs when the DockPanel is initially (at design) docked Top or Bottom. Docked Right or Left works fine. Floating the DockPanel at runtime and then trying to dock it either Top or Bottom recreates the problem.

On top of all of this, if I completely remove the BarManager, the DockPanel behaves like a good little boy...shows correctly regardless of docking position set at design or runtime.

I'm using VS2005, XP SP2, EntLib May 2007, CAB December 2005, SCSF June 2006, DXperience 7.2.4, CABDevExpress3,

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.